Friday, 13 January 2012

Fate 'Shmate'

Have you ever thought to yourself that everything is done for a reason? Or that everything has a meaning and must have been done or exist for a purpose? I can guarantee that every single person has or does, including myself. However, some peoples need to put it down to a probably non-existent force. I understand that this is a very subjective and sensitive topic but hey, I'm not stopping others from disagreeing or criticising me or my writing, after all it's only an opinion... right? 

“Those who believe in fate are those who are afraid to take responsibility for their own negative (or in some cases positive) actions.”
This is my personal view of the idea of fate, and right here on this sheet I will explain exactly why I disagree with the very subjective term.

So is it 'fate or choice? Things that affect our lives are not fate, that’s just life. A pathway of obstacles and obligations created via choice by others like us.
The calculation theory occurs when there are various choices available at one given time. How do we decide which path to take? An idea used by various psychologists applies here too; we weigh up the benefits and the costs of each decision eventually leaving us with the ‘correct’ one.

How about the big 'what if?'. One choice is merely the stimuli for another, by choosing to do something it automatically leads an array of other decisions which allow life to proceed. When we look back on previous decisions and think, “if only I had done things differently”, this implies that thing would have been different, but not necessarily, further decisions are yet to be made possibly leading to the same outcome. However, when put under pressure, we can skip the calculation process as mentioned above, leading us to make snap decisions possibly the ‘wrong’ ones. The consequence is us looking back and regretting our choices. 

But what about all the bad stuff? Okay, so bad stuff happens once in a while. And sometimes these things cannot be explained, or can they? Occasionally our psychological selves have deep and undiscovered desires, which as humans, our subconscious mind seeks to fulfil.
But this doesn't really explain why bad stuff happens. The truth is, there is always a reasonably simple answer, and all events such as death are a result of other environmental/biological factors and choices made by us or others. In the case of natural death, it is the body’s inability to maintain the efficiency needed to support such a complex organism as the human body.

Whereas the subjectivity of this topic is incredibly high and being in an ever growing religious community is probably going to increase further, I find it practically impossible to consider the term that is 'fate'. 

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